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About Loop Shift

Loop Shift has been created with the goal of bringing fun mobile applications, by making them as simple as possible to the user, with the least amount of complexity. However, this simplicity must also allow for customization, because we don't overestimate our costumers – they are smart enough to know what's best for them.

To bring fast updates and new features that are actually going to improve and satisfy our costumers, all software is developed in very small teams. As a result, your voice is heard during the creation and the improvement of the mobile software. We strive to bring you the features you requested on the next software release or update.

This perpetual improvement mindset coupled with our consumers feedback and technical excellence helps us build quality mobile software that is really going to be meaningful on people's lives and most importantly, be fun to our costumers.

That's what we believe and strive for - fun, handcrafted mobile apps.


We live in a technological world that's constantly reinventing itself with a continuous fusion of the old and the new. This process appears to be repeating itself; there's no defined state, no clear start or end. Today, we live in a loop. Also, technology is transforming the world and changing it so fast that the only thing certain is the change itself. Today, we live in a technological (r)evolution, we live in a shift.

Loop Shift is currently run by Dimitri Dokukowski the same person that created 41 Post, an ongoing website that features, amongst other things, Android and Unity3D programming tutorials, as well as some retro game reviews.


Nobody knows what the future will be, specially these days. Everything seems to be fast, undefined, fleeting. However, if you pay attention, you can get glimpses of the future here and there. And that future will certainly include mobile devices, and that's where Loop Shift comes in – not to reinvent the wheel, but to deliver great, fun software.


Do you have a question regarding one of Loop Shift's applications?

Please, send an e-mail to: support [at] loopshift.com

Found an error or want to suggest a new feature?

Please, send an-email to : bugreport [at] loopshift.com